February 08, 2019

Quick fix up for HP printer error 3030

HP products have a large consumer base and the products are well-appreciated along all spectrums. The Printer of this reputed company is one such product that is fulfilling the expectation of its customers to a great degree without any hindrance. Many times the printers face an error that is clearly shown in the monitor. The HP printer error 3030 can be corrected with a series of routine troubleshooting. In case you fail, it is then better to contact the Printer technical experts for the best assistance.


These are the steps to fix common HP Printer troubles instantly –


  • First, ensure the connection of cables properly. Are you in any kind of doubt? In that scenario, turn off the printer, unplug it and disconnect all the printer cables. Now plug it back again and reconnect the cables. Turn the printer-on now to check if the error has cleared.


  • Next in line are printer cartridges and print heads. Check it to make sure that the installation is done precisely. Also, check if the cartridges are empty? If yes, replace it with new ones.


  • The Printer installation needs to be done correctly. For this, the printer software should be installed correctly. If the printer is not responding then uninstall and reinstall the printer software.


  • Check whether the firewall of your system is preventing the functioning of the printer. To do this open the firewall preferences and then add the printer software executable file (*.exe) as an exception. Also, disable the firewall temporarily to fix the error.


  • Now clean and align the printer cartridges. Open the software of the printer or HP Solution Center to access the maintenance features.


List of common HP LaserJet 3030 Error Codes and Troubles


Error Code: 11-Paper Out


Problem: It means that there is an issue with the paper tray or paper sensor


To Do: Put the printer on a completely flat surface and check the paper trays for any damage. If the problem is not resolved, then check the paper sensor or clean the opto-sensor.


Error Code: 13 – paper Jam


Problem: The problem can occur in 4 stages – pickup, printing, fusing, and exit. Check the HP paper guide for the printer while using thick paper.


To Do: Follow the screen guide or methodically check the paper jam. Do not use hard implements to remove paper at the risk to damage printer.


Error Code: 16 – Tonner Low


Problem: It means that either the toner cartridge is low or empty.


To Do: Remove the toner cartridge and gently shaking it to evenly distribute the remaining toner. Replace the cartridge after depletion.


If your printer is facing a minor problem then it can be solved with the help of above-mentioned troubleshooting steps. The HP printer engineers are also available on call in person to fix the trouble. The HP printer error 3030 will be resolved in few steps once you get hold of the exact problem in the printer. Often it becomes hard for users to diagnose the problem of their own and here comes the importance of printer experts.

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