February 27, 2019

How to get rid of the Canon Printer error codes 1702?

Canon printers encountering errors like 1702 and 5b00 is a common phenomenon that can be resolved with quick fix troubleshooting. New users get into trouble quickly when they try doing an extra to fix bit to fix the problem. This blog will go into the details of the error with proper troubleshooting. Please make sure that you go through the entire page thoroughly and incorporate the steps perfectly. In case you need an added assistance, contact the Canon printer technical experts over the helpline number.

Canon Printer Error Code 1702

This error code particularly flashes up when the ink absorber is full. The printer is having an ink absorber that takes in ink during the printing process and print head cleaning operation. The printer is calculating the amount of ink absorbed by the absorber and after substantial use, the printer enters an error condition when the absorber is almost full. The printer now stops printing and halts all your print works.

First solution – Continue printing by pressing ‘OK’

The Printer Error Code 1702 comes with the suggestion to press ‘OK’ to continue printing. If you are unable to print or connect to the Canon Printer, then move to the next solution.

Second solution – Reset the Waste Ink Absorber

Follow the steps to reset the waste ink absorber –

• Turn OFF the Canon Printer.
• Press & hold the ‘Resume’ button and hold down the ‘Power’ button. The green light should come on now.
• Keeping the ‘Power’ button held down, release the ‘Resume’ button. Press it twice. The light will turn amber followed by green. You can release the ‘Release’ button.
• Now press the ‘Resume’ button 4 times and then press the ‘Power’ button. It will confirm the selected action.
• Turn off the printer and then on again.
• Is the printing is in progress and you able to print pages? Its printing is done successfully then it’s ok, else move to the next solution.

Third Solution – Replace the Ink Absorber

The waste ink is full in case of Printer Error Code 1702 and it needs to be replaced to get it running. Order the new waste ink pads for the Canon printer and replace it accordingly to get back everything. The replacement of ink absorber is a completed process and a messy one too. The ink absorber counter must be reset even if the absorber is successfully changed. Take help of the expert professionals to replace it or ask for other sort assistance over the same Canon printer support helpline number.

The Canon Printer Technical support +1-866-760-2639experts also provide assistance to resolve other printer errors like –


These are just to mention some of the common errors. There are also other lots of errors that can be encountered by printer users at the time of printing. Contact the Canon printer technical experts and get instant solutions within no time.

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